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Home-buying can be a stressful process, from finding Realtors and open houses to banks and money lending. By the time you finally find a house, you're ready for the whole escapade to be over and things to settle back down. However, there's just one last thing you need to accomplish before you can start packing: the closing.

The closing is the end-all, the last step, the finale. It's when you (the buyer) come to a final agreement with the sellers and legally transfer ownership of the property. It can be a grueling legal process if you aren't prepared, so here are some helpful hints at how to close like a champ.

Get Preapproved

Even though it may seem backward to get preapproved before you find the home, it actually makes things much easier. When you get preapproved, you're expediting the closing process since you're ready to go. A lot of people will think they've found the perfect home but end up making an offer too late because they were waiting for preapproval. Getting preapproved can also be a great way of figuring out what you can afford.


Don't get caught off guard if you think you're done with all the paperwork and your lender asks you to fill out more. The money lending process requires a significant amount of paperwork, and now more than ever will you need to complete extensive amounts of documentation and forms. Whereas hard money loans have quick turnarounds, about one to two weeks to process, mortgage loans may take longer. So keep an open line of communication open with your lender at all times so that if any new type of documentation requires your attention, you can get it completed quickly. You wouldn't want to think you're all set to close but end up not being able to due to incomplete paperwork that you didn't even know existed.

Be Verbal

It's important to ask any questions you may have during any part of the home-buying or money lending process, and this is especially true during the closing process. When you close, you will need to sign a variety of legal documents, and it's crucial that you understand what you're signing. You should be aware of all moving parts contained in this deal since you're the one paying for it. So don't be afraid to ask your Realtor, money lender, or attorney all of your questions. You can also have them explain any documentation before you sign it yourself, which could potentially save you headaches in the future.

If you can stay calm during the process and use the resources you have available to you, then you can have an easy home closing.

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