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California Hard Money LoansCalifornia Hard Money Loans

Commercial and Residential Property Loan Products for a Wide Variety of Needs

We are proud to offer an extensive lineup of loan packages to suit almost any lending need, including California hard money loans on commercial and residential properties for various purposes. Have a look at our offerings and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

California hard money loans for residential business purposes

Residential business purpose loans include, but are not limited to, a loan to acquire, maintain, or improve rental property; a loan to purchase, repair, or improve real property for use in the borrower’s business; a loan secured by a residential property to purchase equipment, machinery, inventory, supplies, rent, taxes, fixtures or furnishings used in the borrower’s business; for operating capital, employee salaries and other related business expenses; or to pay off or refinance business debts.

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California hard money loans on residential properties

A consumer purpose loan is a loan primarily for “personal, family or household use.” Such loans include, but are not limited to, loans to purchase, remodel, repair or improve a principal residence or a second home; a loan to purchase furniture, furnishings, appliances, or other goods for consumer use; to pay or consolidate personal or family debt or credit cards; for education purposes, vacations, medical expenses, etc.

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California hard money loans on commercial properties

We make short term, equity-based loans on commercial properties in major metro markets of California. We lend against the following property types: multi-family 5+ units, office buildings and light industrial properties. We lend to individuals, trusts, LLC’s, corporations, partnerships and foreign nationals.

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Now offering very competitive, 30 year, fully amortized, fixed rate residential rental property loans in major metropolitan markets of California.

General Terms

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California hard money loans for construction projects

From adding an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) to an investment property, to building a spec home from the ground up, we can help our clients obtain the financing needed to complete the project.

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Contact us here or call us at 858.764.4436 for more information about Fix & Flip Rehab Loans and other California hard money loans.

In certain cases, we are able to write a short-term 2nd mortgage that allows borrowers to keep their low interest 1st mortgage with the bank in place while gaining access to some of their equity. 1st mortgage must be current and the borrower must have a realistic exit strategy.

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Maggio Capital, Inc., is based in San Diego, California. We originate, underwrite and facilitate non-traditional mortgages on residential and commercial properties throughout California.

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