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We’re bringing personal relationships back to the hard money lending business. We move fast and close more deals because we create confidence in every partnership.

“For the past decade, Maggio Capital has provided very competitive financing solutions with unparalleled customer service. Our reputation speaks for itself and we appreciate the opportunity to help people.”
–Carl Maggio, Founder

Equity-Based Residential & Commercial Real Estate Loans in California.

Maggio Capital is a Los Angeles hard money lender. We make stated income, equity-based loans for borrowers who can’t qualify for a bank loan or who simply need capital quickly. Approval requirements are based on equity in a residential or commercial property in California and the purpose for the loan. We specialize in 1st and 2nd position loans from $31,000 to $5,000,000 for up to 5 years.



Accredited investors benefit from the unique real estate investment opportunities we create.



Maggio Capital provides alternative financing solutions for borrowers who can’t get traditional financing or for those who need to close quickly.

Los Angeles Hard Money Loans

  • No Credit Score Requirements
  • No Income Requirements
  • No Bank Statements
  • No Tax Returns
  • No Debt to Income Requirements
  • Very Competitive Rates
  • Self-Employed Borrowers
  • Individuals, Trusts, Entities
  • Short Sale or Foreclosure

Why Choose Maggio Capital for Your Hard Money Loan?


We are an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau since 2012 and carry an A+ rating.

5 Star Reviews

Maggio Capital carries a 5 Star Google rating from borrowers, real estate professionals, investors, etc.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on unparalleled customer service and maintain a 5 Star Yelp rating.

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Dept. of Real Estate

Maggio Capital is licensed by the California Department of Real Estate, Broker License #01883341.

From Our Clients:

I just closed my first transaction with Anthony and it was so smooth. Their process was crystal clear from the first conversations about my client's loan scenario. Anthony was easy to work with and always responded to anything within minutes. I look forward to working with Maggio Capital the future. Great experience and a great group. I highly recommend using them.
Richard Montaño
21:07 06 Oct 17
I have had the pleasure of working with Carl and Patrick since early 2015 I recall and find them extremely professional in all they do. They are one of the best mortgage brokerage firms I have worked with in 30 years as a private investor/lender. They are thorough in loan underwriting and very reasonable in fees charge borrowers for processing their loans. They have gone above and beyond in servicing both lender and borrower in the time I have worked with them. It is truly a pleasure to know and work with them both.
Bernie Horton
00:15 02 Aug 17
We've just started our own construction business, flipping high end homes. Anthony Maggio and his team made our financing experience seamless! We were so worried about getting financed due to starting a brand new company. But there were many options to choose from as well as a 7-10 day close!!! Making our offer on the house we bought more attractive! Thank Anthony, John and Shirley Slee
Shirley Slee
16:38 24 Oct 17
Had an excellent experience with Carl (and, surprisingly, my experience was better than a previous hard money broker whom I'd worked with in the past and thought was good). Probably the most notable thing was his rapid responsiveness, from initial contact through to the end of the process -- you get the sense that he wants your business and wants to get it DONE. Straightforward terms from the very beginning, which were the same on the actual loan (with the appraisal being the only unknown factor until we got that done, again quickly). That contrasts with another group I was talking to before Carl who were much more vague about the terms and about their own fees. Anyway, totally happy with the loan and it was the fastest and least convoluted process I've ever dealt with in this area. Would definitely recommend to others and use again!
Raymond Mercado
15:11 18 Aug 17
I have been working with the team at Maggio Capital for several years and they are awesome. They are very professional and knowledgeable. Their transactions are seamless and close quickly.
Jamie LaRiccia
18:13 03 Nov 17
I had the pleasure of working with Anthony and Maggio Capital on a recent escrow closing. They were extremely easy to work with and on top of the transaction. Anthony was very responsive and I would definitely recommend he and his team to anyone looking for financing!
Chelsi Lombardo
21:07 06 Oct 17
Reliable,Unbeatable rate,Excellent communication!!!!First time trying hard money loans? Nothing to worry!! Carl will take care everything you need. Thank you for smooth and fast transaction Carl!
jay kim
17:33 02 Nov 17
We have been lending through loan brokers for over 40 years and really enjoy working with Carl Maggio and Patrick Hook. Their packages are always complete and reliable. Most loan brokers give out the paperwork in bits and pieces, and some brokers send us on wild goose chases on loans that never happen but when we receive a package Maggio Capital, it’s a sure deal and ready to fund. If you want to chat about it, ask Carl or Patrick for our contact information.
Susan Parks
17:46 14 Nov 17
I have been working with Carl for over two years to assist him with documenting his loans. He is thorough, fair, and responsible, and always provides quality service to his customers. Whenever I think of a broker who makes sure transactions are done correctly, I always think of Carl first. He is truly a pleasure to work with.
Melissa Martorella
20:11 15 Nov 17
Having operated in the real estate finance space for 13+ years, I have dealt with just about every type of lender out there- traditional banks and and credit unions; hedge funds; pension funds and trusts; private money, in its various forms and iterations. Each transaction has a life of its own. Some, you cannot wait to forget, with the lender leaving you and your client feeling as though a shower is warranted in order to remove the grit of what was a process mired in a bog of lackluster performance, broken promises, and outright misrepresentation of their capabilities. And then there are others, where, upon concluding the deal, you actually look forward to working with those lenders again. Patrick and the professionals at Maggio define the latter. This is an exceptional company. They are both proactive and responsive, provide sound guidance and direction, and will go above and beyond to do what's best for the client (as they did for us in this instance!!). Most importantly, they do what they say they can do. And if something is beyond their scope, or outside of their parameters, they will tell you, and respectfully explain to you why. And, oh yeah, they're good people, too.I look forward to working with you again soon!!
Samuel Price
20:21 21 Nov 17
When it comes to transparency and sticking true to your word in the lending space, that can be hard to find. We work closely with Carl and Patrick at Maggio Capital on a weekly basis and they truly break all negative stereo types present in the Private Lending Industry. Their procedures from initial submission to funding are clear, transparent and streamlined which naturally calms clients facing tight funding deadlines. The structures that Maggio Capital can put together for clients are not only creative, but when they give you a number and structure, they follow through on their word. That type of consistency can only come with years of experience and a great understanding of the California Real Estate market. We look forward to working with Maggio Capital for years to come.
Bradley Laddusaw
23:59 22 Nov 17
Working with Maggio Capital was a pleasure from start to finish. Their process was clear from the start and executed exactly as described. Anthony was an absolute professional—proactive, responsive, and absolutely transparent. I will be working with Maggio Capital moving forward and highly recommend you do, too!
Michael Schmidt
21:45 13 Apr 18
Just completed a loan working with Carl at Maggio Capital and found it to be a very easy and stress free process from start to finish. Everything was clear and above board and they were very responsive and prompt in their work and emails. I think just over 2 weeks to complete - Very highly recommended.
Tim Arnold
13:01 10 May 18
As a broker, i am constantly shopping my clients scenario's with various lenders to not only find the best deal but also the smoothest process. Anthony and the team at Maggio Capital were able to help my client get into a loan cheaper than the competition, while eliminating the stress with their fast process. I know where to go to for my private money lender deals from here on out!
Omar Ajanovic
20:56 05 Jun 18
Carl Maggio and Maggio Capital get five stars from me. I have been in the mortgage business for 15 years and recently referred them a customer. They were able to close in less than 2 weeks on a deal that other lenders would have trouble with. It is great to have partners we can trust in this business that will perform with excellent customer service.Mathan FairweatherLoan Officer | Branch ManagerNMLS # 389298864 Amena Ct.Chula Vista, CA. 91910 | Off: 619.475.4095 | Dir: 619.813.5969 | Fax: 619.785.3354
Mathan Fairweather
20:47 06 Jun 18
Carl and Patrick are really great to work with. Carl and Patrick make sure to let us know that they are available for submissions and questions. Response time is very important in this industry and they make sure we are taken care of on all fronts. Great to work with!
Corey Siegel
23:55 02 Jul 18
I have been a Mortgage Broker/Realtor for over 30 years & have dealt with every type of lender out there. Our industry is a very competitive industry- Maggio Capital is an exceptional company & Carl is extremely professional & responsive & will go above & beyond to do what is best for his client. He is thorough, fair and makes sure transactions are done correctly. Their entire process from initial submission to funding is clear, transparent & amazingly fast. I highly recommend Maggio Capital for anyone out there looking to get financing for themselves or their clients. I look forward to working with Carl soon!!
Norman Khan
17:48 12 Jul 18
I have been a licensed realtor and real estate investor in Beverly Hills for 14 years and work for Hilton & Hyland. I highly recommend Carl and Patrick. for commercial lending. They are extremely fast at getting your loan through with zero hassle and are fast to fund your projects. If you are looking for an honest, polite and reputable lender look no further. These guys are the BEST!!! I will be recommending them to all my clients.
allison giannini
03:14 26 Jul 18
After receiving the highest of recommendations for Maggio Capital from a trusted colleague, our hopes and expectations were surpassed with professionalism, transparency, and responsivity from Carl and Patrick. We can’t wait for the next investment opportunity. Randy & Jan Peck
Jan Peck
14:32 29 Aug 18
This is the 3rd loan that I have done with them. They have been wonderful! Always open communication, timely responses, easy transactions. Very professional, transparent, and a pleasure to do business with. Highly recommended by me!
Suzanne G
19:55 12 Dec 18
This is the 8th loan that I've done with Patrick Hook aka P-Money. He's been wonderful! Always open communication, responds timely, easy transactions. Very professional, transparent, and a pleasure to do business with. Highly recommended by me!
David Bar
23:50 14 Dec 18
In my 25 years in practice as a trusted adviser, I must say that working with Patrick was a very friendly, professional and streamline process. My clients loan closed within one week, satisfied all requirements that no other lender was able to provide. The best part to Patrick is that he returns calls, and has fulfilled all promises made, quite unique for this industry.
Richard Hudak
18:30 20 Dec 18
I highly recommend using Maggio Capital, he's services, rates, and ability to close a deal is the best I have encountered. Carls approcah and customer service is what sets him apart. I look forward to working with him again and will be referring him to all my friends who need his services.
Vincent Crudo
23:11 21 Dec 18
Highly recommended, I needed capital for a business opportunity quickly. Carl Maggio and his team at Maggio Capital did an excellent job of communicating and processing the loan application. The loan processed / funded rapidly and required a minimal amount of effort on my part. They accomplished this during the busy Christmas / New Year Holiday season.
Phil Pizzino
22:11 11 Jan 19
I have worked with Carl several times over the years and he has always gone above and beyond for me. He handles anything that comes up and doesn't bother me with the details. I would highly recommend Maggio Capital to anyone! They are fast and efficient.
Richard Torres
00:18 22 Feb 19
I was very satisfied with Carl's quick service and the quality at which it was delivered. He was prompt and understood the need for fast response when working on a short deadline. Would recommend.
Erica Ashling
19:43 24 Apr 19
Carl & Patrick were so easy to talk to and great to work with. I received my loan with ease! I highly recommend Maggio Capital
Sherry Mizumoto
17:07 30 Apr 19
Maggio Capital is wonderful! Really there when I needed help. Fast and easy transaction. Highly recommended them.
Diana Valles
16:35 21 Jun 19
I've worked with Carl for years, and he is one of the best. Highly recommend his services.
Frank Roan
01:05 14 Jul 19
Carl made the process easy. Hope to do more business in the future!
Thomas Davis
15:19 30 Jul 19
Quick and easy transaction. Carl and Patrick were both very professional and I completely trust them to perform.
Gary Goss
18:22 29 Aug 19
Maggio Capital has helped us tremendously with our business loans. They are very knowledgeable in what they do and are able to give you what you need.Thank you to Patrick and Carl for your help.God Bless
Lieni Makihele
22:18 05 Nov 19
Carl and Patrick always do a great job for my clients. I am always pleased with their professionalism.
John Abele
23:49 05 Nov 19
So many entities put themselves out there as "Hard Money" and yet continuously fail at following thru. That is not the case with Patrick at Maggio Capital. Having been a Residential Lender for 20 years I can honestly state that Patrick/Maggio are in a class all their own and bring a personal touch to what is normally a cut throat style of a transaction.I have referred my clients to Patrick at Maggio and have no problem trusting him to handle them with care and respect.
Brett Mills
20:41 06 Nov 19
Patrick was a great, he was really helpful and gave straight honest answers.
John Ronan
23:18 06 Nov 19
I’ve had many occasions to connect with Patrick and have always had a good experience. The team at Maggio is knowledgeable and responsive. I have no reservations about referring my clients to them when there is a need as we have always had positive experiences. I’m glad to have them as a resource.
William Holliday
18:50 07 Nov 19
Thank you Maggio Capital for always providing an amazing quick and convenient experience. Maggio Capital is our go to lender, we highly recommend them.
Nivia Loyola
00:00 22 Nov 19
I own a home in California and needed a loan for a business i just opened in Nevada I contacted a financial institution here in Las Vegas and he recommended CarlCarl is amazing, he got me a loan in under two weeks he answered all my phone calls, emails and questionsThanks Carl I will recommend you to my family and friends
Gina May
02:52 26 Nov 19
Fast, friendly, great experience!We needed a refi from an SBA loan, they were fast, efficient, and easy to work with! Thank you Maggio Capital!
S&A Lindsey
02:01 17 Dec 19
Down to earth guys! Good, honest hard money rate! Fast, efficient process - 7 to 10 days. Will utilize them again!
18:13 25 Feb 20
Maggio Capital rescued a Real estate transaction that was headed for the dumpster after my client's brand name lender was unable to fund the deal. Their professionalism, service, and frequent communication was greatly appreciated.
Jeremy Schultheiss
23:56 05 Mar 20
This is my 2nd loan with Maggio Capital. The process was easy and we closed fast. I would definitely use them again.
Angela Quinones
04:52 11 Mar 20
I am a privilege investor to be able to work with Maggio Capital. Patrick and Carl are my major contacts, although they have a third party named Anthony also in their office. They speed through paperwork to the advantage of both lender and borrower. I've been able to make almost 9% on my trust deed investments, and I feel they are "no risk." Terms vary from 1 to 3 years, so I never feel like my capital is "frozen." With good paper like these, I never plan on buying another stock or bond again.
Susan Gallant
18:43 02 May 18

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How does a real estate investor qualify for a hard money loan in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles Hard money loans are very useful for real estate investors in California. Typically, private money lending is utilized by investors who are either purchasing or refinancing a property that has too much deferred maintenance or is uninhabitable, perhaps they have some past credit issues that the bank underwriters can’t overlook, or they may simply need to close on a deal in a time frame that is unrealistic for traditional financing. Whatever the circumstances may be, most hard money lenders utilize the “make sense” underwriting approach and focus primarily on the asset, not the borrower’s income or credit history.

To obtain a hard money loan you will need equity in a residential or commercial property, a business purpose nature to the transaction and a realistic exit strategy. Most hard money lenders require that the borrower have at least 25% protective equity in the property. When a borrower has significant “skin in the game” or protective equity it is less likely that he or she will walk from the project or property in the event of a market downturn, project cost overruns, etc.

Private Hard Money Lending Experts

Business purpose loans are defined as a loan to acquire, maintain, or improve rental property, working capital for an existing business, etc. A business purpose loan is not for personal, family or household use, and thus much easier to qualify in relation to consumer purpose loans. Realistic exit strategies can include the sale of the subject property or another property in the borrower’s portfolio, a bank refinance after the property is stabilized and generating rental income, a cash infusion, etc.

Although LA hard money lenders have higher interest rates than traditional mortgages, they also have many advantages. First and foremost, the “hard money” lending industry has undergone fundamental changes in the last few years with the industry becoming more mainstream. Private loans are simply much more cost effective than they have ever been and obtaining a hard money loan can be much cheaper than taking on an equity partner.

Another significant advantages to taking out a hard money loan is speed. Most hard money lenders can typically underwrite and fund a loan in a matter of days, not weeks or months. Furthermore, the documentation required for qualifying purposes is minimal in comparison to banks. Also, if a borrower has had a recent foreclosure, bankruptcy, bad credit, late payments, etc., but has equity in a property, a hard money lender could be an option. Hard money lenders essentially allow non-bankable borrowers access to purchase money financing for real estate investments or access to cash from the equity in their property that would otherwise likely not be accessible.